Christine. 18. Oregon. Bi.

I can’t see you
Anonymous asked: Yeah okay well her names gets around

Sorry she’s popular 💁

Anonymous asked: That wasn't the queston

I’m not gonna say how many ppl I’ve slept with. The only person that matters is the one I’m with rn

Anonymous asked: She does. She creates problems

Only problem is people like you

Anonymous asked: How come your girl stars drama

Starts* and she don’t. People just throw her name in everything bc they rather have her take the fall then step the fuck up. Like you. Being anonymous. Throwing her name out there and you can’t step up

Anonymous asked: How many people have you slept with

I’m only sleeping with katie



Tracey Walker by Lee Nutter.
Make sure to check the full story.
Anonymous asked: Can you be any more beautiful 😍

No bc I’m not

Anonymous asked: Sounds fun! I love house. Good show to cuddle to.

Yes. That’s what I have a girlfriend for. And any show is good to cuddle to. Even the food channel.

Anonymous asked: What are you up to?

Watching house